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What to Do If You’re Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident

Have you recently been injured in a slip and fall? It may have been your fault, whether you were distracted or just momentarily clumsy. However, the majority of slip and fall accidents are caused by negligence from other parties. Though slips and falls are notoriously affiliated with poor outdoor conditions due to weather, there are a number of other scenarios in which a slip and fall can happen involving property not being properly maintained by the owner.

Slips and falls are no joke. Most result in significant injuries to the neck, back, or spine that requires short term or long term medical attention. If you’ve fallen or slipped and are injured as a result in Arkansas, you may be eligible to be compensated for any losses you incurred during and after the accident. It is critical you contact a lawyer or the dedicated lawyers of the Johnson Firm to help you obtain what you are entitled to in the case of an accident. However, any lawyer will tell you that it is vital that you take the right steps after your accident in order to increase your chances in being rewarded what you deserve. Here are some basic actions you can take after your slip and fall:

Notify Someone

If you’ve fallen in a store, notify the clerk or general manager. Wherever you fell, it is important to let the person in charge of the establishment know, so they can be aware of the incident and of any injuries you incurred, especially if they need to alert the authorities or an ambulance for you. Also, get the information of any people who witnessed your fall, if you or a companion is able.

Visit a Doctor

Seek medical attention once you’ve fallen, whether or not you are seriously injured. Any injury can become more significant as time goes by, and complications may be tougher to treat down the road. Be sure to collect and keep track of all of your bills and expenses related to the medical attention you needed from your accident.

Obtain and Save Evidence

Place the clothes and shoes you were wearing during the accident in a bag as they were at the time of the accident, as well as any other evidence that relates to your case. If you decide to seek the help of a legal professional, giving them as much evidence as you have can only help to strengthen your case.

Take Photos

Now that most cell phones are equipped with quality cameras, it’s easier than ever to immediately take photos of the scene and conditions that contributed to you getting in the accident. Don’t forget, time is on your side in this case, as the owner of the property or establishment in which you fell may do a repair without your knowledge.

The final step in this process is to seek legal help. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you feel that your time and money is worth it, but a legal or Johnson Firm professional is familiar with slip and fall cases, and knows how to help protect you and fight on your behalf. If your pain, suffering, time, and losses all add up for you, the help of a Johnson Firm lawyer can give you the peace of mind you need to move on and recover from your accident.