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Please note: services in Belize are subject to an 8% sales tax (not included in the pricing information provided on this Website unless specifically stated otherwise). 

Contact Information:

Email:  Send email to with a cc to    Please Note:  Belize (and particularly Placencia) is currently having significant  phone and Internet service problems.  If you do NOT receive a response to your email within 24 hours, please try resending, and resend to all of the following:;; and – we HOPE that will get your message through .)

Mailing Address:  General Delivery, Stann Creek District, Placencia, Belize

Land Line:  523-4018 (from outside Belize dial  011-501-523-4018)
Cell:  610-1865  (from outside Belize dial  011-501-610-1865)
Fax:  Use US Fax (see below)

Phone:  Use land line phone for general information or emegencies only
Land Line:  (314) 776-6166 OR 603-452-4797 (for voice mail messages only)
Fax :  1-603-452-4797  (deposits or other faxed information)

Last modified: December 10, 2002

Special Note on Email:   Please send all email to with a cc to  Our Belize email server can sometimes be erratic, so sending mail to and a cc assures that we’ll get it as timely as possible.

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